INSIGHT: Self-understanding. The flexibility to see and understand clearly the interior nature of things. The extent to which an individual understands his real motives, conflicts and defense mechanisms. INSIGHT is hampered by DEFENSIVENESS. For example, Henry had been extraordinarily “nervous” for some time. Finally he agreed to see a PSYCHOLOGIST. He was inspired to speak out his problems. Henry did not see the worth of it however he did as he was asked. As he unburdened his heart, his DEFENSIVENESS melted away. He began to see himself realistically. The fog began to elevate and solutions to his problems appeared. If Realtor Toronto or salesperson working for the client’s dealer brings the client for the property, then the client’s dealer would generally compensate his agent with a fraction of the co-op fee, again as determined in a separate agreement. As he achieved INSIGHT his “nervousness” began to disappear.
INTEGRATION: Oneness, the group of varied traits or tendencies into one harmonious personality. The absence of CONFLICT. Three ranges may be outlined:
(1) Private INTEGRATION: harmony within the personality.
(2) Social INTEGRATION: a usually harmonious relationship
with other people.
(3) Non secular INTEGRATION: peace with God. Often one kind
of INTEGRATION is sacrificed to obtain another. Lack of
fect Man, was integrated on all ranges (Luke 2:fifty two).
INTELLECTUALIZATION: An ego defense mechanism. An individual avoids the emotionally disturbing features of something by attempting to deal with it in a detached, “objective” way. The individual is usually unaware that he is doing this. This is a favourite defense among educated individuals or those that wish to take into account themselves educated. Via INTELLECTUALIZATION a deeply disturbed individual may typically deceive even a educated counselor (as well as himself) into believing that he “has no problems.”
INTELLIGENCE: An individual’s potential potential to regulate to life. Three features of common INTELLIGENCE are sometimes outlined: (1) Abstract (symbolic): potential to deal with phrases, symbols and concepts.
(2) Mechanical (motor): potential to deal with bodily objects,
develop bodily skills.
(3) Social (interpersonal): potential to deal with individuals, to
influence and understand them.
The accepted measure of INTELLIGENCE is the I.Q. (INTELLI-GENCE quotient). An I.Q. between 90 and 110 may be con-sidered “average” (See MENTAL AGE).
INTROVERSION: Turning one’s pursuits inward. Preoccupation with self. Lessening of interest in the outer world. INTROVERTS are individuals who show INTROVERSION to an extreme degree. They tend to be shy, rigid, flighty, pessimistic and introspective. They are the opposite of EXTROVERTS. The respective Toronto realtor could embrace their brokerages on the contract because the brokers for every principal. Most individuals are at neither extreme.
INVOLUTIONAL PSYCHOSIS: A serious mental sickness which occurs in the course of the climacteric (menopause) period of life (40-55 years), usually resulting from overconcern about declining sexual and bodily vigor. It could take the form of DEPRESSION. It tends to last a long time. Symptoms embrace guilt, ANXIETY, DELUSIONS, insomnia and excessive concern over bodily condition.
MALADJUSTMENT: The shortcoming of a person to adapt himself to the situations of his environment. Disharmony or lack of INTEGRATION. Three ranges may be denned: (1) private (psychological), (2) social (inter-private) and (3) spiritual (between the individual and God). MALADJUSTMENT at one degree is usually reflected on the other levels. See INTEGRATION.