That the soybean furnishes an adequate protein

Of course this is true of all beans, and those who suffer from gas after eating them will usually find this difficulty disappears if the skins are removed and the beans eaten in moderate amounts. Legumes as a whole, being of high caloric value and highly concentrated in nature, are bound to give distress if eaten as freely as the light succulent vegetables and fruits.
There are a number of varieties of round beans, variously colored, which have a rich, nutty flavor, that are generally grown in the garden in small quantities for family use, and each kind has a flavor of its own and holds a useful place in the dietary, being needed more in the winter months than during the warm season. Combining our world management in Aloe Vera and beehive merchandise, is one of our hottest skin care products. Another illustration of its adequacy in this particular is the experiments made on mice in feeding both dairy milk and soybean milk. On this mono diet of cow’s milk only, the mice eventually died of anemia, while those fed on soybean milk lived and thrived.

This experiment furnished us by Government experts indicates also that there is a sufficient supply of iron found in the soybeans that is not supplied by the cow’s milk. Still another interesting fact recently learned is that in a case of allergy, either in infancy or in adult life, the use of soybean milk agrees with the individual perfectly. It is now estimated that soybeans furnish protein for more than half of the world’s population. The dry soybeans are said to contain all of the known vitamins excepting C which may be developed by the sprouting process in just a few days. Through experimental efforts it has been learned that the use of soybean milk greatly aids in clearing up skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema.

That the soybean furnishes an adequate protein, containing all the constituent amino acids, is evinced by the fact that a large percent of the multitudes in the Orient never use milk throughout their lives, excepting that made from this source; yet many, both in the mountain regions and on the plains, are noted for their superior strength and endurance in traveling and in burden bearing. Simple remedy. Without , crops, timber and flowers could not exist; even we depend on it. The latest reports of experimental workers with the soybean products show that the soybean acidophilus milk is excellent for changing the intestinal flora, since the culture works with three times the rapidity that it does in other media. Some authorities claim more than this; however, we can all confidently say that its usefulness in this respect has no equal. In considering the caloric value of this product, it is found that one pound of the flour is equal to three quarts of milk, fourteen eggs, or three and a half pounds of beefsteak; and the amount of nitrogen the system is able to store is two or three times the amount of that supplied by meat.