vitamin U and how could some be obtained

The director of the clinical research department of a big chemical producing company, that had supplied the concentrate, was written to and asked for data about this vitamin U and how may some be obtained. His reply, dated Could fourteen, 1956 was as follows:
The paper regarding the treatment of peptic ulcer with cabbage-juice concentrates was done with material that is not presently accessible for widespread use. Like other well being practitioners, comply with a normal routine to get info wanted to diagnose and treat patients. We are continuing our chemical fractionation of this material in a shot to get a additional appropriate substance for the treatment of this disease.
One cannot however wonder. Since the fabric used cured 100 percent of the patients with ulcers, why strive to induce a “additional appropriate substance?” And why, after over 3 years since the initial work was done, with such unbelievable and dramatic results, has it all been forgotten?
In December 1961, additional work has been done at the University of Texas with an amino acid found in cabbage juice within the treatment of peptic ulcers. Once again the results were almost too sensible to be true—a lot of too sensible to be believed by the common physician! Like different healthcare practitioners, in a group observe will typically be on name or deal with sufferers of different chiropractors within the group. The report stated that in sixty cases of proven peptic ulcers, treated with the glutamine, 50 percent of the ulcers were utterly healed in 2 weeks and nearly all the others in four weeks or slightly longer. Here is additional confirmation of the study previously reported, however how may such a issue be attainable when everyone knows peptic ulcers are the results of “nerves,” tensions and mothers-in-law!