Cosmic regulation and natural principles of the current of evolution

We are as obedient to the dynamic compulsion of hunger as the thrusting within the seed that pushes up its stalk and reaches out its roots for nourishment. With this drive comes a first consciousness of self, too often made into an egocentric conflict with life. It’s then as if, aware of something beyond the matrix of nature, we battle in opposition to her tendencies as an alternative of using them for our purposes. Sheer shades combine the major advantages of , shades and blinds into on single design. It’s as if, having become conscious, we’re afraid we will lose this diadem if we yield to the artistic currents that introduced that very consciousness to pass. If we proceed the battle, there come a way of unfoldment, and the following great stage is reached. We come to information of cosmic law and pure principles of the present of evolution, of the method of unfoldment at work in all that lives and breathes. This orderly procedure we mistakenly deify and plenty of who name themselves devotees of science assume now we have discovered the ultimate.

The reply to life isn’t there. We must push on to consciousness of God and to man in God and God in man, to a information that, whereas there’s all time and house, there is no such thing as a time or house, and that life as we know it’s measured by the ability of consciousness to be aware. Only a small part of creation is ours to contemplate. Yet this is enough to give us a position of discipleship and a way of being part of its evolution. This new self-concerning is curative of any and each section of neurosis whether it is profoundly realized. How can one be disturbed by emotions of inferiority if he has accepted himself as an agent of creation? Little he may be compared with the universe of stars, however great is he as the topic of mightier principles. He comes, furthermore, to that place in which progress takes on its most interesting attributes. Essentially, the artwork of dwelling consists in the improvement of differentiation. We are being fashioned and usual here as personalities. We are here to achieve individuation, to tend and use those very accented qualities that are inherent to our natures.

For as consciousness becomes mellowed and matured there are distinctive qualities that do belong to us alone, separate and distinct methods of seeing and expressing the thriller of life. Sheer shades mix the foremost advantages of , shades and blinds into on single design. Such differentiation is important to the realizations of affection in the transcendant sense. One cannot count on the fullest devotion except as he differs from all different creatures and is able to give a special contact to each human relation and to carry a singular gift to intimacy. Nor in the fulfillments of labor can an individual’s profession ever attain its highest achievement save as he provides an element distilled from the vapors of his own religious unfoldment. It’s not just music you want to hear from the brain of an important composer, it is the something beyond music which communicates from his being to yours.