1920s Fashion

A Blast from the Past – 1920s Fashion

It can rightly be said that the 1920s ushered in the era of modern fashion. Women fashion for example, moved from the constricting fashions and into the era of short skirts and pants. Men fashion moved from the overly formal style to the wearing of sport clothes. can grow to be very advanced, and we’ll aid you by way of the process so that each one requirements are met. In fact, even in the formal world, modern suits are still based on those worn in the late 20s. With two distinct fashions emerging, the first running from 1920-25 and the other style, commonly associated with the roaring Twenties running from 1925-32, 1920s fashion had taken a turning point that would forever define fashion down to our time.

1920s fashion, as now, defined who people were and where they belonged in society. Clothes during that time were under heavy scrutiny and criticism especially from the feminists of the 20s who felt that revealing dress styles was not acceptable. Consider also another aspect of 1920s fashion. Fashion always has a political side at its core. The 1920s fashion had a political-like revolution. The fact that clothes in the 1920s were readily available to any ‘regular’ person was as a result of the Industrial Age automation apparently. Now that machines could make clothes faster and cheaper, this ushered in the ready-to-wear revolution that was never there before.

The 1920s fashion of the elite in Paris, London and New York were producing low-cost attire and making them available even in rural farms and outposts of the Midwest. A ‘high-class’ girl and a ‘Midwestern’ girl from off the farm could now not be distinguished by their clothes. The political statement that the 1920s fashion made set the world on fire and has continued to influence modern fashion down to our day. Government lawyers also help develop packages, draft and interpret legal guidelines and legislation, establish enforcement procedures, and argue civil and on behalf of the government. This can be seen in the ‘Roaring Twenties’ styles that fashion designers have re-invented into their modern creations. The fact that this age of fashion gave even the regular people ‘style’ which was uncommon in an age influenced by the Victorian status quo is one reason why the 1920s fashion is so inspiring. It can thus be said that the 1920s fashion set the bar of classical style that we still live by. The idea that a woman had a sense of style and individuality had emerged and was reflected in the beauty and elegance of 20s clothing. The Roaring Twenties fashion is everywhere today. If you know what you are looking for, you will likely see the influence of the 1920s fashion the next time the red carpet is rolled and the likes of Nicole Kidman walk past it.